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NeoBux Points - Neopoints

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Admin neobux said that:

Yesterday (30th April, 2011) at 21:38

NeoPoints turned out to be more special than anticipated.
In just the first 30 days we had roughly 11% of our users averaging 70 to 102 NeoPoints per day while 68% averaged 30 from 69 NeoPoints per day.
It has been a complete success!

Now it's time for the first phase of turning those NeoPoints into something.
We'll begin with just 3 simple but essential conversions:

Rental Balance
Now you can convert your NeoPoints to funds in your Rental Balance.
The amount of funds you'll get will depend on the amount of NeoPoints you'll convert. The more you'll convert, the more funds you'll get in proportion.
The Rental Balance funding using NeoPoints was a very sensitive and delicate area which had to be carefully balanced. The only problem of converting NeoPoints to Rental Balance funds was the obvious referral availability so the conversion ratio had to ensure that (theoretically) we would still have referrals available for everyone. A sweet stop has been defined and, again theoretically, it won't disrupt the availability of referrals since now we're getting more users per day (last month's average).

You can convert the following NeoPoints:
250 NeoPoints = $0.10
500 NeoPoints = $0.25
1000 NeoPoints = $0.60
2500 NeoPoints = $1.75
5000 NeoPoints = $4.00
10000 NeoPoints = $9.00
20000 NeoPoints = $20.00
40000 NeoPoints = $44.00

The conversion is fixed meaning that the minimum you can convert is 250 NeoPoints and the maximum is 40000 NeoPoints.

Direct Referrals Limit
One request I've been having a lot since the last chances is, due to now being simpler to get new Direct Referrals, is to increase the already high Direct Referrals limit.
Now you can simply do that with NeoPoints.

500 NeoPoints = Increase the limit by 1 direct referral

This is a fixed limit meaning that if you change your membership and/or Golden Pack, you'll have this fixed amount added to your membership's/Pack's pre-defined limit.
If you have 500 or more NeoPoints you'll see a "+" button next to the total of direct referrals in your direct referrals listing page. Click it and confirm to increase the limit by 1 referral.

Golden Membership
What about purchasing a Golden Membership simply by using NeoPoints? That's easy!

30000 NeoPoints = 1 year Golden Membership

You'll see the option if you have 30000 or more NeoPoints.

This is the beggining of having our services for free using NeoPoints.
Obviously new services and features that can obtained using NeoPoints will be added gradually. Not only that, but new ways to get NeoPoints will be introduced.
If you have any suggestion, feel free to post it, as always.

New additions to NeoPoints (conversions and ways of getting them) will be announced separately from this topic so you'll never miss any new ones.

A NeoPoints explanation will be added to the FAQ soon.

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